Drain Cleaning And Rooting


Your home is a special place with special needs. Here at James Heating Cooling And More we understand that the best. If you have a clogged drain, busted pipe, or you just want something new and upgraded we are one of the best plumbing contractors in the business! You need someone who won't leave you without fixing the problem, the right way, the first time around. So do what everyone else does, and call James First for....

• Clogged kitchen and bath Sinks
• Sewage Drain problems
• Washing Machine Drain issues
• Bathtub/ Shower Drain hair clogs
• Garbage Disposals clogged or not working
• Whatever Fell In Your Sink!

We understand that these plumbing problems are frustrating, damaging and can be very costly. Here at James Heating Cooling And More we do our very best every time, like a friend you call when you need help, and not just some local contractor that fixed that pipe. We have the tools, licensing, and the know how to make your homes drain problems disappear without any extra headaches associated with doing the job incorrectly or cutting any corners.


• Toilets should never have materials such as “flushable” baby wipes, feminine products, sanitary wipes, or other materials that are not toilet paper, No matter what the product labels read. These items clog drains, because unlike toilet paper, they don't break apart and shrink to allow smooth travel through pipes. We have pulled balls, baby wipes, children’s toys, hair from shaving or trimming over the toilet, panties, “flushable sanitary napkins”, and other items out of drains many times before.
• Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and even shower and tub drains often get clogged from the following items that are major problem causers... Hair, food, grease, and plastics, etc.. You should do your best to “NEVER” dump grease down drains. Remember not to cut hair or shave in tubs or over sinks without plugging the sink/drain or using a mesh net or screen in your basin to catch the loose hair.
• Kitchen sink garbage disposals often get clogged due to not being properly flushed after each use. Fill up both sides of your sink, run the disposal while you let the water drain through your pipes after each use to flush down any leftover materials inside pipes.


• PEX Repair And Installation
• Underground Pipe
• Copper Pipe Repair
• Tankless Water Heater repair And Installation
• Drain Cleaning
• Water Heater Repair And Installation
• Sump Pump Repair And Installation
• Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling Repair And Installation
• Appliance Hookup And Repairs
• Water Softener Repair And installation
• Toilet Repair And Installation
• Sink And Faucet Repair And Installation
• Garbage/Waste Disposal Repair And Installation
• Water Conditioning/Filter System Repair And installation
• Plumbing/ Sewer Repair And Installation
• Wedding Ring Dropped Down The Drain
• Frozen Or Busted Pipe Replacement or Repair
• Washer And Dryer Hook-Ups
• Laundry Room Drains
• Whatever Your Home Needs!

We want your house to feel like a home. Clogs, broken appliances and other headaches make your home feel stressful. We want you to feel relaxed in your home and happy with the basic necessities and extra equipment you use. You need a good plumber, a friend that knows their way around repairs. Let us help you get back to enjoying the comforts of your own home and call James Heating Cooling And More to make your life easier.