James Heating Cooling And More offers affordable humidifier repair, replacement, and installation services in Your Indiana Home. Your home can be extremely dry without a humidifier installed, but you may not realize it. The problem with dry air is that it can cause health issues not normally associated with dry air. Some of the signs to look for letting you know your home has a lack of proper humidity:

·  Itchy Irritated Dry Skin ( When The Humidity level in your home drops, your skin dries out and becomes itchy causing discomfort, cracking and in severe cases bleeding )
·  Nose Bleeds ( Tissues in your nose are prone to cracking when dried out causing the dreaded nose bleed )
·  Sore Throats and Dry Mouth ( Breathing the dry air in your house can cause sore throats and that cotton mouth feeling that you get with arid conditions )
·  Inflammation ( Skin rashes can be attributed to the foods we eat, allergies, etc... and also from our environment. The air that encompasses our bodies on a daily basis needs to meet certain requirements in order for our bodies to work at optimum levels. When we are in dry air on a very regular basis our bodies can generate inflammation in the form of skin rashes such as Eczema and other skin borne rashes )
·  Static Electricity ( Its that dry air that causes that shock that you get in the winter time when you walk across the floor and reach for the door knob and ZAP!!! Another shocking revelation that you have a low humidity problem )
·  Colds and Coughs ( Drying out the mucous in your throat and nose can allow germs to easily enter your system through your lungs causing colds, coughs, and the flu )
·  Chapped Lips ( Dry Air equals dry cracked lips, end of story )
·  Itchy Dry Eyes ( have you ever seen anyone with a hangover? Their eyes are bloodshot because of being dry.... that’s right.... Alcohol dehydrates the body causing bloodshot and itchy eyes. What do you think that very dry air constantly bombarding your eyes will do to them? )
·  Damage To Wood ( very dry air can cause cracking in hardwood floors and antique furniture cause serious damage leading to a lot of money in repairs )

Any of these can be signs that indicate the air in your home is lacking moisture. In the winter especially, the combination of dry air, and furnaces running almost constantly, can cause the humidity level to drop in your home. The optimal levels of indoor humidity range between 30% and 50%. What can you do to ensure better levels of humidity in your home?


The cheap approach is to purchase a portable humidifier that can be moved from room to room. It will do the job that you need done however it will only work for the room that you have it in so you should buy more than one and place them in the most frequented rooms of your home like the bedrooms, living room and kitchen, or you can move one or two of these portable units around from room to room throughout the day which could help but it would be very inefficient and humidify the total area half way at best. And... if you choose to go the multiple unit route, don’t forget the energy costs of running 3 or more units every day all day adds up very quickly. So what you need to consider when thinking of costs involved are how much multiple humidifiers will cost to not only purchase but also to run. However, if you invest in a whole house humidifier, one and only one unit will constantly monitor the relative humidity of your entire home and deliver the perfect amount of moisture. That would mean never needing to monitor water levels in multiple units also, this is done automatically with a low cost whole house humidification system.

Moist air feels warmer due to the moisture on the skin not evaporating making you feel cooler. So when the air is full of moisture, the sweat on our skin does not evaporate as it does in a dry environment making you feel cooler.... think of the dry heat in the dessert.... it could be 110 degrees in the shade but you would feel cool..... now go to the tropics in a very humid climate when it’s only 70 degrees out and you feel like your suffocating.... it is the same principle. Because of this simple fact of science you can actually lower your homes temperature by several degrees with a humidifier installed and feel just as comfortable as at a higher temperature, which equates to lower monthly bills as well as fewer break downs on your heating equipment such as your furnace, heat pump, boiler, or electric baseboard heating system.

Most humidifiers need very little as far as being maintained. The filter inside your humidifier should be changed once a year or at least checked and cleaned, (if it is a cleanable filter), by your service technician when he performs your yearly Furnace Inspection and Cleaning Service. Allow James Heating Cooling And More handle your humidifier repair, cleaning, or maintenance needs in Indiana.

At James Heating Cooling And More, we carry Honeywell and Aprilaire whole house humidifiers and electronic air filter equipment. Schedule us today to help you choose a humidifier that is right for your home and budget. Save on energy and bills with a cozy warm home throughout the heating season. Call an air comfort specialist today, call James Heating Cooling And More.