Are you looking for sump pump repairs or installation? James Heating Cooling And More has been repairing, replacing and installing sump pumps and battery back-up sump pumps for years. Sump Pump installation is just another of the Quality Plumbing Services that we have to offer alongside of our other services. Sump Pumps are essential in most homes in our area. They are seldom thought of, ( until yours goes out or stops workin ), yet they play a very important roll in keeping our homes safe and dry.

Don’t Let Your House Get Flooded
Your House is at risk of flooding during spring rains, summer storms, or winter thaw. What if you live in a high water table area? Your home is at risk as well..... that is if you do not have a sump pump installed and working properly. A sump pump removes any and all unwanted water from the basement of your home. It pumps away water from inside of the ground that surrounds your basement walls and runs into tiles that interconnect to the sump pump tank that sits in the ground. If that water builds up around your home, it will find its way into your basement, causing not only flooding and water damage which your insurance might not cover, but also mold which is extremely bad for your health. If your home has a finished basement then you already know the importance of having a sump pump installed and working properly.

How Do I Know If I Have A Sump Pump.
Go to your basement and look for a round pit in the basement floor that should have a plastic cover on it with 2 wires and a pipe coming straight out of it and leading away from the pit. If you have something like I just described then chances are you have a sump pump. Sometimes you may find that your pump tank has no cover. Sometimes you will find that your pump itself has a rod with a ball on the end if it with the top of the rod and pump housing sticking up out of the pit. In any of these cases you have a sump pump. No that we have found the pump tank, let’s check to make sure that it is working.

How Do I Know If My Sump Pump Is Working
Once a month fill a 5 gallon bucket about 3/4 of the way up with water and slowly pour it into the pit. Listen for the hum of the pump. Once you hear the pump running stop pouring the water. Observe the water level inside of the pit and make sure that it is going down. Continue to watch the water level until the pump stops running. Congratulations. Your pump works and you just performed the operational test for yourself saving yourself the cost of a service call. If however your pump made any bad sounds like Whining, Grinding, or just plain didn’t turn on or the water level didn’t go down, Then its time to install a new pump. Contact James Heating Cooling And More and we would be more than happy to install a new one for you.

You may have a Sump Pump that works perfect in your home but what about if the power goes out? Do you have a Generator installed that automatically takes over when the power goes down? If your answer is no and you know for a fact that your Sump Pump does run periodically then you should consider purchasing a battery back up Sump Pump Kit which will give you the extra level of protection during bad storms when the power goes down due to downed trees or in the winter time when drivers accidentally drive off of the road and break electric poles. These battery back up pumps run on a 12 volt battery just like you car and are charged either by a solar panel or by a controller that is plugged into your standard electric outlet so if your power happens to go out when you need your pump the most, the back up sump pump will kick on as soon as it senses that the main pump isn’t working. This back up pump sits in the sump pit alongside of your existing sump pump and only runs when your standard Sump Pump does not work. This means that even if your electric is working and your standard pump goes out, the Back Up Pump will still provide you with the protection that you need, pumping out the unwanted water. A back Up Pump will provide you with the extra insurance that in any case, Thunderstorm, Ice Storm, Brown Out, Defective Main Sump Pump, Etc.. YOU ARE COVERED!

Contact a licensed and bonded Plumber like James Heating Cooling And More Today, and schedule to have your Sump Pump Repaired, or have a new Sump Pump Installed. At the same time have a new Back Up Sump Pump Installed for the added protection and security that your family deserves.