Toilet Repair

Toilet Repairs

The toilet is one of those essential, most used and abused, items in your home.
The handle, fill valve, float ball, supply line,and flapper are just a few of the components that wear down after years of regular use, and are prone to breakage.
If your toilet is leaking, running, not flushing or in need of other repairs, James Heating Cooling And More is more than qualified as your licensed local plumber to repair the problem.
For the DIY person, we have included some tips to help you get your toilet back to working again without needing to call a professional. Homeowners often have the tools needed to cope with minor plumbing emergencies. But when it comes to serious toilet troubles, or if the repairs seem overwhelming, you’re far better off having a plumbing professional come in and take care of the problem. Give James a call and we’ll be right there.

Tip 1. Why is My Toilet Running?

You can’t just ignore a running toilet and hope it will stop.
If you hear a sound coming from the tank like the toilet has just been flushed and water is running into it, when it hasn’t been flushed, this is typically due to a very slow leak from the tank into the bowl usually caused by a bad flapper or flapper seat. The solution is to clean and or replace the flapper seat and replace the flapper itself it if it’s damaged or worn.
Or, water could be leaking into the overflow tube due to a defective toilet fill valve, or float arm. In that case, try lightly bending the ball arm if equipped or adjusting the screw on the top of the fill valve. If that doesn’t solve the problem you may need to replace the flush valve.
Tip 2. My Toilet Is Leaking Water
A toilet may be leaking water where the tank meets the bowl, or at the base of the toilet itself at floor level. If the leak is at the base, the wax ring between the bottom of the toilet and the closet flange is broken or worn down from the toilet moving, allowing water to seep out under the toilet whenever it’s flushed which means the toilet base probably isn’t totally attached to the floor, and may wobble when someone sits on it. If you’re a handyman, this is a relatively easy toilet repair; the wax ring has to be replaced, and the tee bolts that attach the toilet to the flange needs to be tightened.
If your noticing water between the tank and the bowl, the problem could be the tank to bowl gasket. This can be repaired with parts from the local hardware store. Another cause of this could be something as simple as the tank is “sweating”. It could just be warm humid in the air and the water in your tank could be colder causing condensation, just like a cold glass of water. You can check this by drying the toilet tank and area around the bowl. Then, don’t flush the toilet for a couple of hours and check again. If there is water present but no condensation on the sides of the bowl then it is probably your gasket. If you don’t feel confident in changing this gasket, as your local plumber, we would be more than happy to help.

Tip 3. Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?
There are many reasons why the toilet won’t flush.
Sometimes it’s a simple fix, the chain or the flush handle rod connecting the flush lever to the flapper might be broken which would prevent the flapper from being lifted up high enough to let water in the tank so the toilet can flush.
In that case, the chain may just need to be shortened or replaced or the entire flush handle replaced.
Also, the flapper itself may be worn or broken where the chain connects to it and needs to be changed out with a new one.
Maybe your supply valve was accidentally turned off.

Tip 4. My Toilet Barely Flushes.

This problem is usually caused by clogged jets. Just under the rim around the outer edge of the toilet are little holes that allow the tank water to flow into the bowl. These get clogged with calcium build up over time. You could try cleaning these with a coat hanger or similar small diameter piece of metal. However there could be another cause of a slow or partial flush.......

Tip 5. The case of the Clogged or Partially clogged Toilet
Children’s Toys and other fun things that kids, “find a new place for”, can build up in your toilet inside of the s-curve or ( built-in trap ) that every toilet has. It would take a toilet snake in order to get into this trap and root out the problem, or replace the toilet and call it a day.
Let’s say you know for a fact there are no foreign objects in the trap of your toilet, then you have a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. No matter how much you plunge it won’t go down. Does your shower and or bathroom sink go down? If so the clog is just past the toilet itself or even at the base of the toilet in which case simply removing the toilet could reveal the clog. If they don’t, then the problem is definitely in the lines. 
Excessive use of toilet paper, or attempting to flush anything down the toilet other than toilet tissue can clog pipes, which, after a flush, results in the dreaded overflow.
Flushing paper towels, wet wipes, diapers, sanitary napkins, and excess hair from a brush are all common culprits behind toilet blockages and should never be flushed.
A toilet not flushing and all of your other drains not going down points to a blockage in your main sewer line or a completely full septic tank.
Check your septic tank first, of you have one, to see if that is the problem. If it is, call a septic pumping service and you should be taken care of. If that is not the problem.... it’s best to consult with a drain-clearing professional. If you’re able to temporarily unclog your toilet, but new clogs reoccur on a regular basis, that’s also symptomatic of a serious underlying problem somewhere in the lines.

Time To Call The Plumber
If you’ve tried doing the repairs and you haven’t solved the toilet problem, or if you’re simply not in a position to do the repairs yourself, it’s time to get professional plumbing help. Some issues may be too complicated, overwhelming, or messy to do-it-yourself.

Whether your toilet lacks flushing power, leaks, overflowing, running non-stop or simply not working, you can rely on James Heating Cooling And More 24 Hours to have your toilet running properly again in no time.