Plumber Service

Plumbing is the one thing that we use every day but never really realize just how much we rely on it, from the water we drink to the showers we take; Or from watering our gardens, washing our clothes, and heating our homes and places of business, water is a necessity. Whether your garbage disposal has stopped working, A cold shower, clogged drains, noisy pipes, constant dripping, pipes bursting, overflowing toilet, faucet dripping or leaking pipes, were here for you. Perhaps you’ve remodeled your new home and need new fixture installation, or any other plumbing repair, as a licensed plumber, we’re here to help.
We offer 24 hour service, even on weekends and holidays, because plumbing emergencies happen at the worst and most inconvenient times.

James Heating Cooling And More has been serving the local communities of Rochester, Plymouth, Knox, Winamac, Warsaw and surrounding areas with plumbing repair for the last 25 years.
We don’t grow a customer base, we grow our family. We consider all of our customers, new and old, to be friends. Like a friend, we are always there for you to depend on when you need us most. Word of mouth has kept our business alive for this long so we must be doing something right. Our work always has and always will have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, if your not happy with our work, how can we be?
When you need a plumber, you want to know that your job will be handled professionally by an experienced plumbing contractor who has dealt with plumbing problems like yours and knows how to solve them quickly. Your money is important to you and should stay in your pocket. The last thing that you need is an inexperienced person guessing at what your problem is or how to solve it, wasting valuable time and man hours in the process which equates to your hard earned money flying out the window. We fix your problems fast so life for you can resume as normal. Below is a small list of some of the things that we do to give you peace of mind knowing that whom you’ve hired to do your job has the knowledge and confidence to complete your plumbing project to its fullest because We Do That!

·  Leaky pipes
·  Water heater repair replacement
·  Tankless Water Heaters
·  Sump Pump Repair
·  Leak Detection
·  Toilet Repair
·  Handyman services
·  Garbage disposal replacement/installation
·  On Demand Hot Water
·  Faucet repairs and installations
·  Outdoor Faucet repair replacement
·  Whole home plumbing installation
·  Bathroom remodeling
·  Kitchen remodeling
·  Outdoor Showers
·  Busted pipes
·  Frozen pipes
·  Drain Cleaning
·  Above Ground 2 inch Well repair Replacement
·  And So Much More....

And don’t forget about our other services of Heating, Air Conditioning, Quality Air/Home Comfort, And Electrician Services.

We offer the most common sizes of conventional electric, natural gas, as well as propane Water Heaters. We also offer natural and propane gas and electric tankless water heaters. High-efficiency tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water as you need it reducing your water heating bills substantially, and it’s better for the environment.

Remember, regular preventative maintenance can keep unwanted plumbing emergencies from happening. Have your plumbing checked out by a professional periodically to be inspected for such potential break downs.